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Sunday, January 20, 2013


 I took a trip to Washington, D.C. on the train to deliver this Voyager harp to Claire Guggenheim.  She commisioned me to make it out of Mahaony Wood.  It was cheaper to go on the train and taking the "lower level" and keep a watch on this harp then it was for me to box it up and ship it.  the harp only weighed 18 pounds and folks that ship stuffs, often get it banged up.  Here in the first picture of when I had it in transition in Chicago.  I rode in the front little cart.  My round trip costs $220.00. (about)
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 you may wonder what this wall is all about.  Well, my wonderful friend that I met here....came to pick me up and she and her family lived in South Africa and I got to stay in their "Africa Room".  Here is what greeted me.  I loved it.  So many interesting things in her house and so many marvelous books that I'd love to read, (oh oh, that's my problem, I also have lots of books I want to read all over MY house).   On the right is Claire Guggenheim recieving her harp in Washington D.C. train station.  My friend CHRIS TROGER met us 5 min after Claire and I met.  She came with KAREN SENECA.  The 4 of us went to lunch in the food court.  After that we took Claire and her harp up to the place that she was waiting for her train back to New Jersey and Chris and Karen and I went to Chris's house where I stayed in the downstairs African Bedroom. the above is a fabulous Chess Set.  Now isn't life a "game" sometimes, eh? 
 Now If I knew how to turn this photo right side up....I would.  you'll just have to cock your head.  This is the FIRST thing I wanted to see.  Abe and I are distant cousins through my Maiden name Holmes.  I have wanted to see this for MANY YEARS.  
 Then Chris and Karen and I walked over to the Vietnam memorial.  A name on a wall....the reflection of the day ............the remembering of me singing the songs of those years....Joan Boaz.....I loved the folks songs the best and was not a war protester at all.  These were my age of men. 
This is such a fun statue.  Chris has lived in Washington D.C. for 30 years and was a super great tour guide.   you can take your curser here and make the photo bigger. 

 As we were walking to this Memorial of F.D.Roosevelt, they were pointing out the Air Port and I looked to see where they were pointing and I stumbled on the pavement.  bummed my knee and my right hand.  Karen ran back to the car and brought her essential oils and fixed me up right away.  I loved Karen for using these on me. You can see by these pictures that I'm just fine.  F.D.R. claimed he hated war....yet our country was in 2 plus wars under his leadership.  He had a lot of good sayings.  This memorial has many fountains and I enjoyed that part a lot and walked around being thankful that I was not hurt more then I was.  The three of us went to a Art Museum.  This is only a "taste of things to come"   The one place I wanted to REALLY SEE was the instrument floor in the Smithsonian Museum.  "I'm sorry, but that floor is closed for renovation".    (bummers) I loved seeing the HUGE AMERICAN FLAG.  Harrah for Betsy Ross.  The repair of that flag, the history of it, that is a must see if you go there.  We ate in the art Museum....with waterfalls behind the glass. 
 Here is the next day when I was to go back on Thursday.  We went to the Washington D.C. Mormon Temple.  It was also closed for cleaning.  We sooooooooo enjoyed the Visitors Center.  (Kapua, this is the shawl that I so love to wear.)  I must have been talking as she took this photo.  hrumph...but I was happy to see this.  Welllllllllllllllllllll, we kept on going in this traffic and OOOOOOOOOOPS, missed the train by 2 min.  yep, missed it.  Karen zipped me around as fast as we could go, she had one of my luggage and I the other...but missing a train by TWO min. or TWO hours, same smell, I MISSED THE TRAIN.  So Karen and I went to the help window and I got it all set up for the next day, Friday. same station, same time, same price same lower level.  yeah.  When we got back in the car, Chris was listening to Louise Hay C.D. and I so enjoyed that too. 
 Now, I need to learn how to make the picture right........ZOWIE they are up high.  I've been told that many Native Americans take these jobs as they are not afraid of heights.  This is in Chicago.  I had a 6 hour space there on Saturday Morning and parked my two little luggage guys and went for a 9 block walk up from the Chicago Train station to STATE STREET. It was 50 degrees.  great for walking.  I asked where the Library was.  On State Street.  I surely was the only one in a long dress.  Nobody wears dresses any more.  oh well. 
 When I was raised in Sacramento, dad often had business in San Fransisco and my mother, and brother and I would often go with him.  I SOOOOOOOOO LOVED THE CITY PIDGINS then as now.  
While in this 9 story GORGEOUS LIBRARY....there was a little display of CHICAGO, CANDY CAPITOL OF THE WORLD. I had no idea.  I had fun in this whole room full of candies that I'd eaten as a child.  I was the only one in here.  yep, MANY of these factories have "gone off shore" because of the cost of Sugar, and labor and oh well, Chicago is no longer the Candy Factory of the world, and that a fact.
 Here is this BEAUTIFUL Chicago Library.  I'm going to look it up and read more on the history of this building.  Can you see the owl on the corners?  and Look at the beautiful building on the right.  San Fransisco has many beautiful buildings like the one on the right. 

I used to sing this little song along with these words, "my stars, how does Mars make such wonderful candy bars"?  
 yep, I know this looks really RANDOM.  It's because I don't know how to move photos around. oh well, you're entertained, right?  On the day I was supposed to leave Washington D.C. we went to the LARGEST ASIA MARKET I'd ever been to in my life.  yep, AWESOME.  and got some other fun things as well.  didn't get dragon fruit though.  That's one reason I had TWO little luggage's going home.  Chris gave me a bowl made of some yellow and black wood that is from Africa.  so that and foods that Tomasi loves was in my other little luggage.  ahhhhhhhh, what a marvelous Market. It was larger then some of the Walmarts I've been in!!  and check those Okra.  Bins of live Crabs....and oh the pastries.  I love Orential Pastries, not too much sugar. 
 Here is the owl.on top of the Library. yep, can't see it very well, phone camera...but hey, knowledge is wise, right? 
Here is the Eternal Symbol that is on the Chicago Library.  I have 3 Eternal friends, Chris, Karen and Claire.

  I left on Monday 7 Jan 2013 in the afternoon on the Train from Burlington and had a little layover in Chicago and boarded the all night train that arrived in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.   Missed the train I was to take on Thursday and took the Friday train back to Burlington and arrived on Saturday 11 Jan..  Tomasi was one happy Tongan to pick me up.  both times I set up my little kid swimming pool mattruss and slept well.  welllllllllllll, could have been better if these two old ladies didn't BLA BLA BLA all night long.  I need BETTER ear plugs.  ha.  Well, that's all folks.