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Thursday, December 25, 2008


Go to this site and read up on him. awesome what he can do.


He builds log cabins for his little place from over 100 year old cabins from Wyoming, Utah and where ever else. He keeps a history of these and many folks have come to stay in their ancestor's cabins. Awesome stories within these log walls. He restores these and puts tourists in them. He is a master in restoring and making them soooooooooooo darling. When YOU come to Nauvoo, call in advance and get one of their 5 or 6 log cabins. Live in real history!!! I had in my mind to build ONLY a ROUND house. Then I saw Dave's cabins. I fell in love with cabins and old logs.........more then new logs.....awesome. I might make a separate blog just for his cabins inside and out. That's why I waited so long to get going on my house.....I was vacillating on round house or OLD log house.......then Vicki said, "why don't you look into just a yurt roof kit on line?" I did as she stood right beside me. YEP, that's what I ordered and took the plans over to Dave Hardle and asked if we could cut logs and put them in between posts and put these up for the 27 sides that will be FOUR feet wide and TWELVE feet tall. Of course, we'll have windows and the 5 foot skylight at the top of the building....but He said we could do that. Sooooooooooo he told me of these logs that were in Missouri that were brought there by some guy that got them from Penn. somewhere on Ebay and then didn't use them.

Tomasi on our property before we left for Thanksgiving. He blessed the property for all those that would work on our land while we're going and while we're building our home.

the Mississippi looks like a lake here, yeah?

and with our little 8 foot long bed 1988 Dodge. We had Dave get us 8 sand bags to keep us doing okay on the ice skating roads lately.

X marks the spot where the middle of our house will be.

The logs. history, they are from 1750 log cabin from Penn. A man got these and brought them to Missouri, decided to use other logs to build his log cabin with. I bought these and a fork lift for $7,000. awesome deal. there are more logs then these.......

more logs.

more logs

more logs.

AND MORE that were brought in while we were in Utah.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

thanksgiving UMU in Utah 2008

Okay, folks, Here the guys are making another Umu out in Springville, Utah. Lots of food went in, and lots came out. finished products.

I'm wondering when I can figure this out.....put on the things in ORDER? ha, okay, here is our thanksgiving feast from that little pit outside......below.
Here is Clyde and Isi taking off the little dome that Isi made. this makes it so the steam will keep it cooking and moist. way good idea Isi. Sarah (Isi and Michell's daughter is on the far right.
Tomasi and Isi working together again. I love this.

Sarah loves her grandma and I love her dearly.

and here is the Umu beginning to be uncovered.

Thank you Isi and Michelle and all the families there for all the work that was done inside and outside for all of us to enjoy.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Brown's house

Well, here we are at Sarina's house with her super darling 4 little boys. Everett is their youngest that I've already told you about. She is so beautiful and is beautiful within as well. Her way with the boys is marvelous. Misi just loves her dearly and treats her like a queen....and she is a queen in her little house. Here the boys played in some tent thing while I was there. then toys and stuffs. This was the day that Koa spilled some rice on the floor and knew where the little battery run vacume was and cleaned it all up. oh too cute. I never did that.

It's the pictures, I've got to figure how NOT TO EAT. but you can see I'm happy to be with my grandsons. on the other pictures below, click on the photo itself and it comes all big and you can see some more stuffs up close. okay?

#45, Everett. yeah, I know he has a bunch of names, I need to get into Sarina's blog site to get the whole name. I wonder if I can send any of you there to see her much nicer blog page. now here is the Blogger queen herself on her mother's site. ha ha ha.
boys and toys. hero guys?

two of my hero's.

ahhhhhhhhhhh pretend time.

Everett and Sarina.

The old harp maker

I wrote of the Blind harper of Utah and someone that I didn't expect to wrote to me of her father that at age 93 was still making harps. OH WOW WOW......So when we were in Utah, I called the daughter, and she set up an appointment to visit with her parents. They live walking distance down from the Timpanogos Temple. I drove past his house for 6 years.....didn't know this wonderful man lived here and made harps. He showed us his music room. Not only full of instruments that he made and model airplanes that he flew in WW2. In fact, he'd made the whole house! At one time he and his lovely wife served a mission in N.Z. He only makes harps to give away. I knew the man he got the plan from in Mount Laguna, CA. It's like I went into a shop of 50 years ago. He has molds of different instruments. uses rubberbands to pull them together.............I'd love to work in his shop. His wife says he almost never takes folks to his shop, but today he did and I knew it was my blessing.

Here's the music room and airplane room. Tomasi is tuning up his homemade guitar.
this is in his shop and you can see that he loved his planes......He showed me his matched woods on this guitar and how he did the inside bracing. He asked me about the bracing on my dulcimer. I was happy to tell him that I put braces inside as well.
Oh oh's the planes................he flew these. Someone needs to do a little life's story on this couple. 93.................what will I be doing at 93?
Here is is playing my little dulcimer. Tomasi and I played music for them as well and they enjoyed it very much.

there is beauty in patterns. Tomasi tuned the old guitar up and played his slack key style for them.................

Here he is beside an almost finished harp that will go to a niece I think. He doesn't know how to put on levers................didn't know where to get good ones, so I told him various places.

this is in his music room. I'm not the best photographer...... wayyyy cool.

Isn't this a sweet little harp. 31 strings. From Robbie Robinson's plans. He has the soundboard to add and then the trim and vinish and strings.


and I'm looking for the Indian Maiden over in the Antique Store.
here I am with Kawliga. He was a wooden indian you know. ha ha ha. I'll post another picture of him as well. AND, if you want to hear the version I heard in the 50's on youtube here it is. Here is beautiful Valery Sewell and Tomasi smiling. great little stores in Panquitch!

Tomasi with his buddies and his hero on the wall. see, he has a book that he found at the thrift store.

When we go back again, I'm going to take better pictures of Tomasi and his buddies. I grew up watching Tom Mix at the dime movies. If my brother and I finished our chores, we were given a dime to go to the Saturday movies.

I'm doing a better job of getting Tomasi to smile in pictures. I keep showing him his sour face ones and hiding ones and yep, got him converted to show those beautiful teeth.

We took Val to Panquitch to some old shops there. Both Val and I love antique stores and so when we go in, I say to Tomasi, "oh, over there are the books"......and then I'm free to go here and there. We went into one store that was all cowboy stuffs. Here in the back were some big picture thing of John Wayne. Tomasi grabs a hat and I take the picture. don't know if we were saposed to do that, but we grabbed the chance. In that same store were some odd tables made from old doors. wow....and accross the street was GOOD 'O KAWLIGA. I'll post another of him as well. do you know that song? here are the words. now If I could find someone singing that song on youtube......I'd reference it. by Hank Williams. When I was 12 and brother Worth was 11......we played that song on some record that our Dad got us...............drove our mother nuts. she was NOT fond of twanging cowboy songs. We just loved the words and the crazyness of it all. When we'd go to Lake Tahoe or Hangman's town (Placerville, CA), we'd see stores with these wooden indians outside. so when the song cut loose on the radio, we somehow got that little 45 and played it all the time. poor patient mother. I would have "lost the record!".

Ron and Val's place

Here is the inside of Ron and Val's place. Unfinished walls of foam pannels or "sips" whatever you want to call them. full big windows......a large staircase to go downstairs. you can see their house in perspective of the box Canyon.

Here is a side view, really I think it's the front porch. They have plans for a large porch to eat outside and .............ah the views from here. lots of building materials here as you can see.

I want to put up ALL the pictures I took here, but it will take so long. (I can't figure it out now and my blogger 3 queens are busy). These are of their house surroundings. I so love this "box canyon" can see they chose a super gorgiosos spot. I find that I can write while the pictures are "uploading". yeah................. That would shave off time. whew. That's how Felila writes and writes and writes while the uploading is taking place. Circleville, Utah is in Southern Utah. One small town. I'm finding that our friends our age are choosing small towns to live in. wise choice. Ron and Val Sewell are choosing to live off the grid. Their house is arround 2,000 square feet, two floors basement and main floor. They have a HUGE wood stove that they just put in and it will heat the whole place I think, but they will try it out. They have built it with foam pannel with cement inside. They will cover walls inside and out side with choices of materials. wood I think. they had it all lined up for some wood nearby and that lumber mill just closed down. bummers. this kind of construction is very warm. Val has her little office and it's so neat I thought, doing what she could with what she had. Val is very creative, an art major in college and used to teach High School in Hawaii.

most unual formations of rocks.

she has them all named as well as I would do too.

Don't you want to go adventuring? they have another place that is all fenced off from sides and over the top for their protect the little spot from the many wild critters.

thanksgiving trip in Utah

There are interesting folks to meet at the airport, this one younger couple had a bunch of instruments, then this little doggie in her backpack. He goes everywhere with them. tooooo cute.

Here we are, Worth and Barbara and Tomasi and Irene and dolly Elizabeth at the Dallas Airport November 2008.

This is Tomasi holding Meliane, Bob and Mitzi's dolly daughter. They came to visit us before Thanksgiving. 2008. It takes quite a while for pictures to load up so some might not be put on because of the time in loading. ha. then I have to FIND THEM hiding in my computer. hrumph. I might get faster, but don't bank on it. I decided to try the MAGIC JACK thing and cut down on my phone bill that went up to $130.00 per month. went to the magic jack thing and took off all my long distance on my phone and went to a slower DSL thingie. well, not only is the magic jack a bit of a disappointment, to know what phone to use is another. and slower computer DSL, I notice that as well. The magic jack cuts off in conversation....often doesn't get cell phones and those that do get to hear me say that I "break up" when I talk.......but I "shaved off" $50.00 off my monthly phone bill. there are options out Kamaka Sproat used to say, "too soon old, too late smart". but like my mother, I gotta try the new stuffs.

this is my brother (only one sibling) Worth C. Holmes that is a computer super programer and designer.....he loved cooking turkeys in the boiling oil. This was last year, but as I get into my pictures that I have saved in my computer, thought I'd post this one as well. a much "thankful time". 2007

I'll start posting pictures and then add words that tell more of the stories.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

God Bless My Daddy....sung by Esther Montoya

Accompanied by her Grandpa T on the autoharp and Grandma T on the lap dulcimer. A song we all sang when little kids and now is so perfect for Esther's situation with her Daddy being 'over there'. This was when Mom and Dad were in Utah visiting during the Thanksgiving break. (Sorry mom, I meant to post it on my blog and accidently put it on yours but at the same time, it IS you and Dad so there...) Love you!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I want to add more and it doesn't seem to bring up the picutures. hrumph. fiddlesticks, I'm giving up for tonight. bummers. no pictures come up. oh well.

blogger slacker Irene/ Mitzi and Bob's visit.

Bob taking pictures of me as I take of him. now look at this camera. sad, it was stolen on the Mexican border when Mitzi went home to see her daddy, when he was sick. He's fine now, but all their pictures were in this camers. hrumph. Soooooooooooo that's why I put so many of their pictures on my blog site, so they can pull them off to remember their trip here. I love this family......

Granpa loves this dolly as you can very well see. this is in our kitchen in Nauvoo on Mulholland street. and the scrabble game happens almost right in the door of their traveling. and if I can remember right, Bob beat his dad, or Tomasi would say, "I let him win."

and it's time to eat. They had just arrived. don't you just love the hair do?

and now we have a baby taking care of a the Family Living Center.

This is the brick yard on the on any of these pictures and you can see a lot more.

and brick yard again. When you come to Nauvoo's little brick yard, they give you a little brick. I still treasure the one I got when I visited Nauvoo with Bishop Spangler 2004. I can remember clearly as we drove out of Nauvoo........only 4 days here.........."I'll be back again." Never did I think in my wildest ideas that I would be back here to live.

Bob and family on Smith Family Gravestone. Such a dolly Mitzi and Bob made. Grandma is happy here.
and the runner on the brickway.

Mitzi is a very sweet mommy.....and Meliane will grow up to speak two languages.

I just love the sunsets on the Mississippi.....seems more like a lake then a river.

Bob taking pictures of me as I take of him. now look at this camera. sad, it was stolen on the Mexican border when Mitzi went home to see her daddy, when he was sick. He's fine now, but all their pictures were in this camera. hrumph. Soooooooooooo that's why I put so many of their pictures on my blog site, so they can pull them off to remember their trip here. I love this family......

that's all folks.