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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Frances Irene Worth buried proper like

The following post is of my trip to Pearl, Colorado.   Tehani drove me in her car as she was leaving Keokuk, Iowa where she was attending school and is moving to S.L.C. to live with Isabella and family to earn money for her mission.  We sooooooo enjoyed our road trip together.  I really love road trips.  The weather was perfect.  We got to Pearl at Noon and Kapua them were not there so we just fooled around, read, I fell asleep on the hammock an got big time sunburned.  whew....forgot about 8,400 feet elevation.  whew.  11 of the 14 children came and we reburied my mother in a proper grave in Colorado. 


 Tehani and I put up this hammock that is Bob's.   Yep, I took a nap on this when we first came....and BOY DID I GET SUNBURNED....
 Here is the fallen down "bunk house" that took care of other folks when my great grandfather Cooke Rhea was living there alone after my great grandmother died. 
here are some SWALLOWS NESTS that just have to be knocked down....but keep making new.  Hard to see, when i go again, I'll get better photos of these birds and nests. 
 they were the last to make bread in this old wonderful oven....I made bread this time...turned out GREAT. 
 Here are my grandmother's sisters, Aunt Clare (my middle name is her name) and Aunt Nina Ruth Rhea.  This and other family photos hung on all the walls of this old Pearl House.  These sisters came out here for a month every summer until they died.  They lived in Denver.
 11 kids came and myself to this old graveyard in Colorado.
 this is a photo of my dear mother that died when she was 82.  I buried her in Santa Barbara in a park that she always took my brother Worth and I to when we'd come to visit her.  That was really illegal and somehow Kapua and Ma'ata found her ashes still in the box 20 years later.  They dug her ashes up....and was always watching out for any "ranger" that might come by.  They took her all around Santa Barbara before taking her ashes home to Hawaii.  It was in Hawaii, that Kapua designed the tomb stone and had a man in Wyoming engrave it. 
 After we buried my mother's ashes, we had a memorial service up a lake that she used to play at when she was a little girl. 
Kapua designed the gravestone...and we all put lilacs on the grave.  My brother made a wood box to put her ashes in.  I'm sorry I do not have a photo of that here. 
just another view of Pearl house so far away....look at the SUNBEAMS. 
 up close, the pump house, where the wringer washer is stored and you can see the place to hang out the cloths.  When I came in 2006, she and Val Sewell were using the old wringer washer, but now Kapua goes to the laundry mat in Waldon, CO and drys 'em here.  you have to turn on the generator to use the washing machine.  There is NO ELECTRICITY in Pearl.  ALL HAVE GAS things.  lights in the house are gas, stove, refrig and gas furnace in the living room.  I'd post all of these, but it would be too much. 
 you can see the Pearl's the white one to the far right...
In the perspective, here's the sign in a tire.  cute, eh?
 this lets you know how high it is up here. 
 What a view from the outhouse, eh?
When you enlarge this photo, you can see the ANTELOPE PLAY...(like as "oh give me a home where the buffalo roam and the deer and the Antelope play".  this area was soooooooooo full of game that is the reason that my great grandfather came here in the late 1800's.  My grandmother, Ethel Roberta Rhea was the first white woman born in a log cabin in this area.
 I took these with my TABLET....
 I just love this area
wayyyyyyyyyyy beautiful
 here's a melting snow bank...
 Here is part of the desert sage area....BIG SKY COUNTRY of Colorado
In perspective....the sign on the post of the gate.  He had hundreds of acres at one time.  The large Ranch was sold and only the white house in the "town" of Pearl that is owned by Kapua.  She bought it from her cousin. 
 Rhea Ranch sign
 here's some of my children.  Isi, Felila, Kapua, Manu, Dan, Sarina, Isabella
This is the little 2 seater outhouse that is at Kapua's place (old 1904 family Rhea house that she bought in 2006.)

Isabella and Haumana and Dan walked slow up with me.....and I'm grateful for their kindness....she ran down with others when we went back.  There are 4 more miles to get to some other lakes, GLAD we didn't try to do that one.  WHEW....I WAS TOTALLY EXHAUSTED AFTER THIS HIKE.
 and boys just HAVE to skip rocks.  You can see the dead trees everywhere. Beatles kill on Douglas fir trees.  nope, don't attack other trees.....mostly these are just cut down and supposedly just go back to "mother earth"...but such a waist of lumber if you ask me.  the beetle seems to attack every 100years or so....and only the the inside of the trees are good lumber.  Looks like a dangerous place to be when the fire comes.   sad.  I'm sure this was soooooooo beautiful when all was GREEN TREES.
this is the lake that these falls go into via the little river. 

 Here we are near the lake that the falls flowed into.
 these are the four boys that took care of their mama.  Isi, Haumana, Dan and Manu
 I have to show this stick that Manu cut up for me to use as a walking stick.  It was perfect and I needed it many times.   The sign says, "Mount Zerkel Wilderness"
 SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL FALLS...DAN ON THE OTHER SIDE. the water was like melted ice cubes.....burrrrrrrrr. quite a few went in ..NOT ME. I so love the spray after the 2 and half mile up.  Now keep in mind that this area is over 8,000 feet up from sea level. 
 ahhhhhhh, the spray from these falls was WONDERFUL
Manu fell asleep on this log