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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


folks, I've been really REALLY busy lately and not been able to work on my blog site, so here's some pictures from quite a while back. It was really raining and sometimes cold, so Vicki had the men spray this knotty pine before cutting it into the "pies" for the roof.
this was good that we sprayed these on one side as we could tell what side was saposed to be I was told to get "car siding". ha, so I asked what was ment by "car siding". It is back in the early days when ALL RAILROAD cars were made from this stuff and it was called "Railroad box car siding". only in the midwest is this knotty pine toung and grove is called this.
Here is Dave Hardle unoading the barn wood that we'll be using later. This usually sells for $6.00 a board foot. I got it for $1.00 a board foot....1,000 feet.
more wood.
this is the trailer that Dave brought this barnwood in. Tomasi helping to unload.
in the end..........was one little mouse and her babies.....
even tiny things.......oooooooooooops, distroyed their little home. sorry guys.
even little birdies come and make nests in the eves of the house before it's done.
Vicki had the men cut the top of the roofing "pie" or "bay" as she's say....these were much easier to cut then all the little pieces that were for the ceiling.
pies cute and stacked up.
Vicki's son complained that we took over his work out then these were put in plastic bags.
the men would line these up and put them in the toung and grove....and then cut. no easy task.
the first of the pie going up. whooooooopies.
I wanted you to see these coming up.
I have NO TIME to play harp now and have this harp in the Temple View Art Gallery. I thought to show this in the building of this house..........strings and wood.....this is Lara Mann is a Sr. at BYU and plays the piano extreemly well. Then she took to the harp like a duck to water...I think she played the harp in the premortal world. I just love her. I come in and play 2 or 3 times a day
Our Grandson, Johathon knows her from Utah.
Here are the bags of insideside box siding inside Tomasi's truck and Jack talking story with Vicki how this will all go up.
This is Vicki's dog Bob. He's the "construction dog".
this is one of Jack's working guys and he's a wonderful person.....musican on the off hours.
pies going up. yeah.

you can see that we needed Jack's equipment to put up these things. whew.

We all took turns putting these "in order" for to take up to the guys on the roof. As soon as we got one "pie" up.....the men would have to put the top of the roof on and cover with plastic. It was all done in June.....the wettest JUNE ON RECORD for the state of Illinois.
back rooms started.
kitchen area.
and another lovely sunset.
these are close friends that came to visit me in Nauvoo. they came up to my house and we sat around and "talk story" in my future living room. then I had my friend Ann Hawkes call me on my cell phone and I said I had a wonderful R.S. hair bush out....and they stoped talking and said IN UNISON.........."Is her name Ann?" ahhhhhhh, yep, they knew her before she married Glenn Hawkes.
sooooooooooooo I took her friends that had lost track of her and had been asking all over town to find Ann....and they were leaveing the next day.....Oh, I just loved this reunion.
here these three women are that I love.
round windows arrived.
first window up.
roof almost done.
how lovely the roof......really.

this is Mike Bolen and he did sooooooooooo much of this work. oh happy day that it was done.
here is Amy Andrus, she comes on the construction site when good looking Mickie is there. she's reading a book here......looking good. she's a student at the local college in Keokuk.
all windows are in.

Here is Johnathon and Bob Tukuafu......hauling some stuff .........
one of the men that did some chinking...........Chris Day.
Here is James' Montoya's sister passing through Nauvoo to go to the Montoya family reunion, she took Johnathon and then the whole family came back to help on the house.

now this is EXCITING. A man that Dave Hardle knew a man that was clearing some land that had a bunch of CEDAR LOGS.........the ones you make cedar chests out of. and we got these for $10.00 each. we got 17 of these. soooooooooooo later I'll put some pictures up of Bob pealing these....Johathon did pealing of these too.
load 'em up, head 'em out.
Here is the place in Hamilton, a little town not far from Nauvoo that has this lumber mill. He'd lay them down and they'd cut off one side so to be able to put the barn wood sideing up on top of that for the ceilings of the Kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.
iwayyyyyyyyyyy cool maching.

see the flat side? Here is Floyd Johnson..........Bella's husband that has been working construction in Hawaii. They are moving back here to S.L.C. and took a BIG DETOUR to Nauvoo.
squared ends......
what can I say?

roofing shingels coming up and oh my, didn't figure that EACH SHINGLE has to be cut.
now you're getting the picture of those logs peeled.
the tower is now down.
Floyd is up on the roof...James Montoya is getting stuff up there.
Isabella was finally able to come and help at the house as Felila's middle children babysat the little ones. Isabella, Tory, Felila became the BEST CHINKERS.

HERE is the pattern that Bob made to make each of the top ends of the logs that were each square cut.
Here is Vicki and Felila measureing out the sanded barn wood.
this is where they are putting the barn wood.

Five thousand dollars. Here is a picture of Johnathon Montoya, James and Felila's oldest son and he's saved enough money to go on his mission. Floyd and Bella needed a car to drive back to Utah as they are moving there. They found a FANTASTIC van for half what they'd pay for it elsewhere. They were moving back from beautiful Hawaii and "took a big detour" to come and help us build this unique house. okay, so they had the $ in their account, then Bank of Hawaii wouldn't let them just take it out overnight and they had to get going to Utah....sooooooo Johnathon had worked and saved his money for his mission and he'll be going to Guatamala on his mission. He pulled his money out of the nearest Wells Fargo Bank in Monmoth, Il and Floyd wrote a check and well, it all worked out. They are leaving tomorrow. sigh, I've loved having them here. I had been given a little house for my families to stay in......Bob and his darling preg. wife, Mitzi and their dolly daughter. yep, it was wild with her two boy couzins.