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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Round house new photos.

Tyson Mathews has just finished boot camp for US MARINES...and is married to Becca. He does what we ask...and I'm so grateful. they are living about one hour away. They will be going to college in that town, Monmouth, Illinois. Her dad teaches there, He married well.
Here is Roy Jorgansen, my MASTER ELECTRICIAL MAN. He came from Ashland, Oregon and Vicki said he gave me MUCH more light then she planned. I'm soooooooooo very grateful.
this is the heating and cooling ducts. quack quack.
the floors were a nightmare.....a puzzel to the max.....Aki did most all the puzzle the of this floor.
I have native americans come visit......Larry and Lone wolf.
here are the electrical lines so far.....zowie, it is happening.
pink wrap. there will be insulation on the inside of this pink wrap...on the outside we have all the cedar siding to go on it. you'll see laters.
WITHOUT the mask and head gear, but I'm laughing. I sanded for 2 whole days.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


FOLKS, I'M HAVING A HARD TIME FIGURING HOW TO USE PICASA. IT IS NOT GRANDMOTHER FRIENDLY. A REALLY COOL SYSTEM AND ISABELLA SHOWED ME HOW, BUT THAT WAS WHEN SHE WAS HERE AND i SHOULD HAVE DONE IT EVERY DAY AND THEN I COULD FIGURE HOW TO KEEP KNOWING HOW TO USE IT. I can say this about learning these things....."if you don't use it, you LOSE IT" and I've lost it. sorry. sigh. sooooooooooo until further notice, you'll just have to see this last one....i've got a lot of pictures I want to blog about.......oh well. aloha for now,

Amy Andrus turns 19

Vicki had a little suprize party for Amy, her youngest daughter. She turned 19. Vicki is awesome in making creative cakes. It's in the making here before Amy comes. We had it at the state park in Nauvoo.

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