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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas 2013

 My mother's little band of "Christmas elfs".   Here also is the little log cabin that Tomasi carved for me in our first year of marriage.  I thought these went well together.
 Harp #48.  I put gold levers on this harp.  When taking this photo, I could see many Christmas's here.  The grass shack that Tomasi and I lived in for 2 years with our 5 little ones ages 6 and under in 1970 about.  The Jewel Tea big bowl was my Aunt Vernie's and I spent many happy Christmas's in her home with Aunt Myrtle. When this bowl got broken several moves ago, I saved the pieces and made this planter out of it.  Then there's the now frozen Mississippi through the window....and real logs on my walls....surely a White Christmas for us this year.
 Enter with a happy heart wreathe that Vicki Andrus made for me a few years back...and oh we are soooooooooooo happy in this house of my dreams.  And can you see my "dream man" tending the fire in the house?   I always wanted a rounded door like this all my life with a square window....
Now here's our little tree....with a few of the ornaments that I've saved for over 50 years.  I have 3 bands of singing angles...and two small Nativity sets....and my Christmas Cacti that has not bloomed yet.  
 I can't have a Christmas without one Kerosene lamp...and now two violet plants.  My mother cared for violets in her house.  and Sarina, see, I still have your little thing you made for me too.  I have a butterfly night light that helps those that go up and down the stairs when folks come to visit.  Who will come to visit soon?
 This hanging bells hold special memories for me.  These were Aunt Myrtle's and she always had them in the house at this time...on the other side it says HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Aunt Myrtle was a collector of bells.
Here is the fun blue fish that when I put water in it....gurgles when I pour from it.  you can see a star and another log cabin here....and red cardinals.  I have a special love for cardinals as they lived all around us when we lived in our place in Hawaii.  and if you look closely you'll see a photo of Tomasi and I before we had any children.