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Monday, May 25, 2009

other dinners.

One time when just Tomasi and I were out, we went to one of our favorite Chinese food places in Spanish Fork. LUCKY honor of our lucky Danny Cinco boy.....great food here. we were too late for the buffet, but got some food made just for us here. nope, didn't have dinner later....
Sarina and Misi and the 4 boys met us at a nice Provo Park to have a scrabble game and dinner with them.
oh these boys are darling.
We forgot cups, so Tomasi got a baby bottle and put his cream soda in one of these....I just thought you'd like this photo. ha.
this is another day when Tomasi and Dan talking on and on and on....and you can tell how much little Everett is getting out of it. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.


I know that some of you would like to see some of my children and their growing families. Here is Sarina and her 4 darling boys and wonderful husband Semisi Brown. All of the families pictured here came to the Tongan Ward where Rose and her family meets and Tomasi ordained Ryan to the Melchizedek priesthood.
Here we are with all the grandchildren that came here and their parents in the back row. (cool picture, eh?)
And here's all the beautiful and handsome grandchildren that came....(have you noticed also the arched windows in the back?)
our children and some of our children and their mates.
Here is Tomasi and Ryan Tukuafu. He ONLY wanted Tomasi to ordain him.
Here is Felila and James Montoya and their family.
Rose and her 4 children.
Semisi and Namahana and their 4 children.
Isi and Michele Tukuafu and their 7 children.
Here we are with all our grandchildren that were there at the time. This morning I came to Church here without my camera. OKAY, I've learned how to do a NEW THING. Sarina sends these pictures to our family website. So I had to learn how to put these on my "desktop" and then onto this blog site.

I loved going to church here with sooooooooo many Tongans and to see the children there. What a wonderful WONDERFUL Mother's Day. This was in the Morning. The late afternoon was with Felila and her family.....truely the most wonderful Mother's Day ever.

This was the MOST WONDERFUL MOTHER'S DAY EVER for Irene. I've had some negative feelings about Mother's day and so was always glad it was over..........but this year.....what a blast. This was at Felila's house with James' mother, Lori Montoya that I've known when we lived in Hawaii so many years ago. James and their children had made this elegant dinner setting, covered chairs and all with fancy out dishes and plants covering the computer area. We were in a "fancy place to eat". the 6 children all had a part and waited on us hand and foot. Litterally, Shaleena bathed my feet and massaged them......hoooooooo boy, what a treat. Here is dear James and his girls.....where are the two boys? in the kitchen I guess.
and get this marvelous setting.
the waitresses and waiters would ask what kind of dressing we'd like on our salad and what kinds of soups they were serving. take our plates away when done. terrific training for honor their lovely mother.....Thank you James for teaching them such a ongoing tradition.
WHAT A SALAD, eh? (and look at me taking pictures of food on a plate) this was such a good salad..........with the "house dressing" of rasberry/vinergette
This was the main course, it was shrimp scampy and fresh squash...I think they called it something else when telling us what was on the menu.
and the serving crew in the kitchen....they'd moved the table out to the dinning room for us.
the three moms.
I felt sooooooooooo honnored to share this day with Lila and Lori.....
here we are in Felila's living room all waiting for dinner. Felila here is showing their trip to Mexico to build a little house for some family that is previously "the extreem makeover".....their friend gets all the materials and crew and they all volunteer their time. Lila and James and Johnathon and Rachael went with them. surely and "eyeball opener" for all. While she was showing these pictures to us, Shaleena is giving me a hot foot bath and then a heavenly massage. look at her happy face.

Thank you Oprah for K.F.C. LUNCH

here we are just about to EAT IT ALL UP.....thank you Oprah!!!
One happy grandma and one happy grandson, Gabe Brown.....
Sarina took this picture....I love my sweetheart Tomasi.
While Laura was still at home with little Danny Cinco Boy, Sarina came over to Dan's house and she got this "lunch on Oprah" coupons. Sooooooooooo we went to K.F.C. and got boxes and boxes. THANK YOU OPRAH FOR LUNCH. We had so much fun at the Spanish Fork City Park. and yep, we ate it all. These boys will eat their parents out of house and home later on. Dan has been planting a garden.
Poppy up lovely, eh?
I could not resist this bed of perfect tulips. this is at the front of the library.
Cosins playing in the tree.....they know their roots.....
and the flowers on the side of the Spanish Fork Library.
Is this not a super darling line up?
the line up of 8 boys.....4 of Dan's and 4 of Sarina's.YOU can see there that I did NOT take this picture. yep, I got a little stuck in this little triangle of this dome jungle gym.....Sarina took this picture, put it on the fam's site and I swiped it, put it on my desk top and the Steen blogger queen friend I have down the street........... taught me how to put this picture in the order that I wanted it. whooooooooopies, Irene is also going to become a blogger queen. ha ha ha.

I climbed in one of the triagles to take a picture of my grandsons playing up here....thinking it to be a cute's Michael, Dan's oldest (5) and he says, "hurry up grandma, I gotta go pee" (that's what I get for getting stuck in one of these triangles.......taking too long to get in to take the picture, ha ha)
These playgrounds are so great for kids....and the rest of us as well.
This is Isaiah, Sarina and Misi's oldest. He's 6.
Sarina and Everett, her youngest of 4 darling boys. She is surely the queen in her house.

sweet short visit from Sara Tukuafu.

I must be more out in the sun then she is.....Sara is Isi and Michelle's oldest and she's attending Utah Valley State University. what a pretty head on her shoulders, eh?

Sara thought she couldn't come this Saturday night, so she came over and we talked and talked and talked.

Fantastic Mother's Day before Mother's day

I had bought some tubes of bubble blowing stuffs and had so much fun doing this for the kids and grands....I love blowing bubbles, now there's all sorts of $1.00 gagits I can get to do this fun adtivity............those that know the song, sing along....."I'm forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air, they fly so high, nearly reach the sky"...........etc.
This is this beautiful park in Springville, Utah that the Saturday party before Mother's day happened at. If you can "blow up" this picture, look at the very interesting rock formations on the mountaisn.....
Felila and myself. I wish I'd had my camera out when all the girls took a phto together. Say Felila, can you add these in this section please.
Sarina, my tallest girl....what a smile..........all have gorgious smiles. the most important thing we put on in the morning is our smile.
My batch of flowers.....the kids loaded up their bikes and went all over this park.
the Scrabble goes on and on....Jim and Nams in the front and Isi beside Jim and Dad, hiding behind his hand.
This was the Saturday before Silly 'o Mother's day. and what a FANTASTIC day I had. Full of family and grand kids of all ages. they brought some big vase and put all sorts of flowers in it for me. Here is Felila and happy grandma here.
This is Felila (mother of 6) and this is Shaleena. she's at such a cute age here. Check out her darling outfit....patch quilt (this would be my choice if I would ever be this skinny) and if you could see her multicolored braces....and what a WINNING smile.
Darling Shaleena is 13.....a brillant girl with much joy to be fact, she's also a great cook. Truly, she wants to go into being a professional Chef and be schooled in it as well. Amazing young woman to see so far in advance what she'd like to study in College.
Here is wonderful Isi and Tomasi and Namahana playing (you guessed it SCRABBLE)
In the forfront is Misi Brown, (Sarina's dear husband and two grandsons. Jesse Tukuafu is Rose's son right in back.....He's showing off Danny boy....he's wonderful with the little kids.