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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hot and COLD baths

Folks, you can figure what has HOT baths and who has COLD baths. yep. These are HOT pickled Zuks....and the directions is that they soak in a brine, then cook some with the vinegar and spices and then I ladel 'em in the jars and put 'em in a HOT WATER BATH on the stove for 10 min. boiling. yes, it does get "hot" in the kitchen, but I'm having soooooooooo much fun learning how to do this.
ahhhhhhhhhhhh, and when it's REALLY almost 100 degrees plus that "heat index"'s a TWO bath day....I just "lollygag" in this lovely bathtub and enjoy the critters outside. tired grasshoppers, slow moving birdies and sometimes a squirrel or two. Do you see my "ocean view" here? yep, that's the only place that wonderful seascape would fit and I like it in the bathroom too. I have a lovely angel watching over me.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kim and Peter Alberts

Here Peter Albers is measuring the door side to put that board to stop the door from swinging inside. He can see the numbers of the tape measure way up there....his wife, Kim checking. He suggested that I have the door swing outward so I'd have more room in my shop and I'm so glad that this is what he did.

the OSB board was hanging over the edge of the 2X4 and he used my Jig saw as a "sawsall". amazing to watch someone do things with my tools that I'd never think of doing. One time he bent the blade, just stuck it in the crack and straightened it up again and kept on going. I found out today that he used to replaire coo coo clocks, but now doesn't like the sounds of "tick tocks" after he had a heart attack.
Here is the last of the door being put together. He's dad came from Holland. After this photo, I asked him if he had Jewish ancestors and he said he did.
They have built several houses together...and worked together well....she knowing what tool he needed next, would plug it in....and what screws needed and hand it to him.
this is Kim and Peter Alberts. I knew him when he was a little boy when he lived in Hawaii. They have 9 children and usually live in Missouri. A few years back they lived in Nauvoo for a short time. Now they have that little pineapple freeze place in Duck's parking lot. I had asked quite a few folks to come and just PLEASE, CAN YOU PUT MY DOOR IN? All asked if I had a frame for it, no one would do it. Peter and Kim are my answers to prayer on this. A beautiful big door that will let light in the shop in the winter time. He told me that ,"for a shop door, it's good to have it swing out as you'll have more room in your shop". They came this morning and had to straighten the sides, and hammerjang other stuffs....sledge hammer the top frame....hoooooo boy. no easy task. I think it takes a great deal to "bush carpentry" then what first meets the eye. He has been a contractor. whoooooooooopies for me.
this picture Peter is using my big jig saw to make it square on the top so the door will fit. odd cut for sure.

Zukinni Relish

this is my first time canning zukinni relish. (yep, spell check doesn't know what I'm trying to spell here, oh well..........have a good laugh) I made this yesterday in 95 degree weather....crazy, but I'm so happy to learn how to do this. yep, LOTS OF ZUKS. whew. but gonna learn other ways to store these lovely long green treasures.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Temple Missionary Luau

Tehani Sewell and I....she wanted me to do the Hukulau song and dance it. I did a lousy job, but smiled anyway....She did a WONDERFUL fast hula with her Uliuli and these are photos from one of the missionaries.
There were 120 missionaries all out at Fletcher's beautiful lawn and swimming pool. They have a gazeebo where we had the food. You can see Tehani by the pool dancing.
Look at this smile. one million dollar smile!!

Hukilou just went. ha. but at least they are laughing. I gotta learn another hula then HERE COMES SANTA IN THE RED CANOE. yeah, I did that too and they laughed. oh well.
Here is Tehani telling the folks that this "hula is a little rough". Oh was so good and fast and she had little looks like her other grandmother. Valery Sewell would have loved to see her dance here.
the happy servers. You can see my meatballs Hawaiian style right there. boy was that good!
I love this couple
and all the Temple Missionaries
Brother Killian and his daughter...they sang with his Tennor Guitar and another guy on the Ukulele.
the folks that come here to serve a Temple mission are sooooooooooo wonderful and happy folks. It is a JOY JOY JOY to serve with them in this Sacred Nauvoo Temple. We do have fun with them too. I'm so used to seeing them in their white that at this Luau, they had some wild outfits on that were called "Hawaiian".....sooooooooooo fun!!!
this is Janet and I....we went to college at CCH (Church College of Hawaii) in 1964. the year that Tomasi and I were married. I didn't know her then...wish I did.
Tomasi and I and others did some entertaining and beautiful Tehani danced so fantastic and it happened so fast that I didn't get a picture of her, so maybe I can get one of the missionaries to send me a pic of her dancing and add it later.
this sister Missionary has strawberry blond hair and everytime I see her the song goes through my head, "Casey would waltz with the strawberry blond and the band played on...."
and who says the Senior Missionaries don't have a little "push and shove".....the one that has the shoes off was the planner of this deal....

Isileli Tukuafu and family come for a short visit

When Isileli and his wife, Michele, her parents and a little well behaved little inside dog came to visit us...........yep, it was crowded, but fun the whole time they were here. They went to Tennessee for Michelle's mother's Holmes Family reunion and on their way back to Utah, they came up to Nauvoo all in one BIG VAN. They stayed only a few days, and I was so grateful for the visit.

Isi in the surf board shirt, 4 of the grands in the next row.
Here we are getting ready for the big carriage ride
and Isi's youngest two learning how to make rope.
When Isileli and his wife, Michele, her parents and a little well behaved little inside dog came to visit us...........yep, it was crowded, but fun the whole time they were here. They went to Tennessee for Michelle's mother's Holmes Family reunion and on their way back to Utah, they came up to Nauvoo all in one BIG VAN.


Well, I'm learning how to take a photo of myself here....showing the new earrings that Kapua sent me. I like my grey hair, earned every one....and I look so much like my grandmother Lena Jane

Tomasi watching while I exercise

Well, here is the Tongan just watching me as I walk fast to the beat of ZAMBA MUSIC on Pandora radio. I do a figure 8 around the living room and then into the Kitchen and then on and on.....change directions when a new song comes on and there ya go....a happy 30 min. walk fast for this granny.